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So Sanders won Indiana this week. Go Sanders! Yet I keep hearing Hillary supporters calling for him to drop out of the race. In all fairness, Sanders supporters are telling Hillary the same thing because of the national polls showing that she no longer is a viable candidate against even Trump, who now has the GOP nomination thanks to Cruz dropping out. The difference here is that Sanders is winning in the polls and shows every possibility of being able to beat Trump and secure not only the presidency but by driving voter turnout, he could very well cinch the House and the Senate as becoming majority Democrats and progressives.

So why is it, even with all these good things about Sanders like his policy, his electability, his experience, do Hillary supporters keep trying to say that he’s not qualified? Why do I keep getting into arguments where they’re always pushing against the idea of progressive change that would benefit them? It’s that night protesting with the Occupy supporters all over again for me.

To clarify that last phrase: When the Occupy movement was here in Milwaukee I did a couple of videos about the movement, why it existed and what happened to it at the end when it broke apart. During filming I stayed at the camp of the local chapter and talked with the people who lived there, protested with them during the time and everything. One gentleman and I were discussing what Occupy meant and how the media was skewing their reports against it when someone drove by and flicked us off. My protesting buddy made mention of how he had to explain to his son when things like that happened before that the person who was just rude to us was technically on our side because we really were fighting on his behalf, whether he knew it or not. This whole thing feels like that. I’m fighting on behalf of people who like to tell me how stupid I am for doing so.

See, Hillary supporters have become blind to everything in front of them. They’re scared. I understand that. I’m terrified of a Trump presidency as well. I just am also equally terrified of a Hillary presidency. Both are going to mean bad things for this country – very bad things. One one hand, you have a divisive, outspoken and rude sociopath name Trump. This man is well-known for his views on race, economics, gender inequality, etc. He’s a bigot, plain and simple. Not only do his views have a core in hatred, but he relishes in being in the spotlight and watching others fight about it. He has enjoyed, based on the look on his face when it happens, every confrontation at his rallies. Not to mention he encourages that kind of violence. There are videos all over the internet if you don’t believe me.

On the other hand, you have Hillary. She is a war hawk having been pro war for pretty much her entire political career including voting for the Iraq war, which was one of the larger mistakes this country has ever made. She keeps saying things that are not politically correct in such ways as to truly be offensive to the very groups she’s pandering to. She’s for things like NAFTA and the TPP which have been poison to our economy. She wants to continue a health program that only provides insurance but doesn’t provide usable insurance or decreases in health care costs for the citizens. She can’t even seem to properly apologize for the crime bill that her husband passed, with her spoken support, that caused the mass incarceration of the African-American community.

Yet her supporters won’t see the mistakes, or they somehow think she’s above that. Just like they seem to think she’s above bowing to her corporate masters when the time comes to pay them back with policy favors since they contributed so much to her campaign. It’s like they want a woman president so much they’re willing to look past all the bad things she’s done over the years just to get her in office.

Her attitude of she’s entitled to this isn’t helping any either to be honest. I keep seeing this smug look on her face like she knows she has this in the bag. Ever see that when you watch her speak? Just really look at her. It’s something that bugged me back in ’08 too when she thought she had that election. It bugs me now even more, though, because this time she seems to have not only the DNC in her pocket, but all of the mainstream “news” sources out there, particularly CNN. So much so that CNN is now being referenced as the “Clinton News Network” and other such labels that connect the two. People don’t seem to want to see that the reason this is going on is because of money in politics. For example: CNN is owned by Time Warner and Time Warner has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton campaign. This isn’t a donation though; this is an investment. These companies, Time Warner included, are expecting things back for this money. That’s how this works. So what you would then see is something she passes later on that will help Time Warner get even more profits, but hurt the common people and in some way keep them in line with what the corporations want. So something like internet speeds for loading websites being determined by how much money the person who owns the site pays for the access. Remember that bill that they tried to pass not that terribly long ago? I do. I hated that bill. Time Warner, who not only owns TV stations and such but provides internet service, would probably make bank on that kind of bill. Look for things like that from Hillary if she gets the office.

If you have any idea, any positives as to why we should vote for Hillary Clinton, please comment below. I would really like to know what real good she’s done, something positive. I don’t want this to be a “Well if you don’t vote for her you’ll get Trump” because honestly that doesn’t work for me. I’m no longer settling for the lesser of two evils. I can’t, with the knowledge I have currently, vote Hillary. Want to convince me, then give me things about her specifically that are good and worthy of my time, energy, and vote.

Why Hillary?