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Shaking My Head


I guess I had been gone too long for people to read my last post. That’s ok, I don’t mind. Even if no one reads these at least I can get out what I’m thinking and feeling in some way.

Vice presidential debates aren’t usually something that gets a lot of attention. Normally they don’t even affect polls or anything like that substantially. Yet this one caused a stir it seems and has had about as mixed feedback as you can get.

In my humble opinion Biden won. I don’t say this because of interruptions, or anything like that. I say it because I listened to what the candidates were saying. Everything that Ryan had out there Biden was able to correct and get on with the debate. However, though this is in some ways a victory for the Democrats, it’s not without its own losses.

First off, you have the entire right wing screaming at Biden’s behavior. They are unnerved by him laughing at subjects or his hand gestures. They are angry about how he kept interrupting Ryan. I’d like to point out to them that Romney did the same exact thing to Obama last week, but was seen as being a hero for it. Also, I’d like to point out that Biden wasn’t laughing about the issues- he was actually laughing at Ryan. I’m not surprised in the least and I don’t condone unprofessional behavior like that. I think he could have been a little more reserved and had a better impact on the audience for being so. We just need to keep in mind, this is Biden after all and he’s known to be like that.

Fact check: I’m concerned that the fact checking on both sides were equally riddled with lies from both candidates. I mean this sincerely. Even though I’m against the whole Republican platform I’m able to see the fact that both of them last night twisted numbers and statistics at the very least with both of them outright lying about certain issues. To me that really causes the whole thing to be more of a game than anything serious. If it was serious then real facts that would be accurate would be brought to the table. I’m big on the truth and neither of these guys really stood up for the truth in a way that I would have appreciated.

Responses: For some reason the responses I’ve seen from the public are less apathetic towards these two than they were towards the Presidential debate last week. I have no idea why other than it was infinitely more entertaining in a way to watch these guys go at it. The problem here is that this isn’t entertainment, this is supposed to be a tool to use in order to better choose the right candidates for the job at hand. We’ll see how this whole thing gets reflected in the polls probably more early next week.

Overall, I’m still sadened by the lack of clear direction for the Left, the information twisting of both sides and the mud-slinging of all involved before and after such a debate. The only thing I can really say that’s positive was that even the moderator tried to get actual details from Ryan about his plan for the country and was unable to. Though that was a big thing, it’s going to be hidden most likely in the media’s reporting of the debate by Biden’s attitude.


Are you *******ing kidding me?????


I know I’ve been gone for a bit, for that I apologize. Life has been busy- school and other things you know.

So tonight was the first presidential debate in the United States. To say I was disappointed and frustrated with it would be a rather large understatement on my part.

At first glance, Romney won hands down. This bothers me for many reasons. Of course, the first one is that I really can’t stand the guy. Everything he’s done up to this point has been steadfastly against everything I stand for pretty much. He has blatantly stated he’s against all the major social issues I find important- women’s health choices, women’s equality in pretty much any way possible, gay marriage, social safety nets, etc. He’s also been very much on the opposite side of the spectrum of my beliefs in what needs to be done to help this country get back on its feet without us becoming anything like Greece or Spain. I have found his flip-flopping on issues to be annoying at best, and just plain sad. The odd thing was that tonight, on national stage he has flipped on all the major issues again or at the very least has twisted his original positions to resemble something closer to Obama’s platform. The whole while that Romney is doing this Obama is just sitting there looking defensive and quite uncomfortable with the debate in general. (And don’t even get me started on how both of them were exceptionally rude, Romney especially, to the moderator. I mean, really, aren’t we supposed to be professional here?)

Now the reason I have a problem with this is because of the idea that I know that this country sometimes has a really short memory as a whole. In case someone reading this isn’t aware of this phenomenon, I’m referring to the idea that somehow the public at large tends to forget recent history as we move along in time and in the process of going about things. Because of this issue, I’m concerned that the public won’t realize and won’t fact check the idea that Romney is going against what he’s been campaigning as his platform for at least the past few months if not longer. They won’t remember that half of what he’s saying has already been fact checked as being inaccurate anyway when he’s throwing around numbers against Obama’s administration. They’re going to think that Romeny did a good job. Maybe they’ll even think that he’s a better candidate.

The other problem here I’m having was Obama’s response. I can’t leave him blameless for this loss. He just stood there, shaking his head during most of it. Even when I closed my eyes to listen instead of watching (something that helps to see who is really winning in the debate based on what their saying not what you’re seeing) I found that Obama just repeated the same few things as if he had been caught off guard whereas Romney sadly had a series of varied answers ready at his disposal. Obama was just awkward, defensive, and quite frankly weak. This isn’t the same Obama as an orator that I remember supporting. This sort of perception is going to be remembered. After all, as Americans, we tend to remember the negative better than we remember the positive.

The other thing that bothers me is the people who haven’t watched and won’t watch the debate at all. What they’re going to see is a ton of headlines in the morning declaring Romney as the winner. What effect this will have on the polls and public opinion I’m not sure, but I’m fairly certain it’s not going to be good for Obama. The thing is that these people who rely on these headlines won’t even look up what was really said and how during the debate. They won’t know that Romney flipped on most of his issues, that Obama looked just plain annoyed with the whole thing or that the poor moderator was walked all over by both parties involved as if he wasn’t there half the time. What’s more important is that they won’t have any idea at how many lies were thrown around by either candidate and they won’t be interested in checking anywhere for that information either.

Now one thing I would like to mention is this: I wouldn’t be up after midnight writing this if the content of the debate was the only thing bothering me right now. No, there are other issues at hand concerning this that caught my attention tonight.

See, I like debate, I like paying attention to what goes on in this country and then discussing it with other people to see how they think, how they feel, and how they see things. It helps to get a better grip on what’s going on. What I got tonight though from people wasn’t good at all. It’s not that I found tons of people supporting Romney after all this, though that would have been bad it’s not as bad as what I found.


Yes, I found lots, and LOTS of apathy. It’s a disease of the public, this lack of caring. It causes people to just shrug and say “well, it doesn’t matter” or “My vote won’t change anything.”

This is the most frightening thing of all because it means that people aren’t paying attention. They don’t realize that this presidential election is going to be responsible for a good number of supreme court justices being appointed. It’s going to decide where our country moves to in the next 4 years and how. It’s going to decide the future for us, our children and even possibly our children’s children.

Right now our country, our world, stands on the brink of something large. It’s bigger than any one of us and it’s going to affect ALL of us. Climate change is upon us, economic shifting is happening, in some countries we’re one step away from violent wars, in others that’s already happening. In Europe and in the Arab Nations there is revolution happening at an alarming rate. People there want change now- they’re seeing the need for it and they’re reaching out for it in unison against their governments and against the status quo. Where is that movement here? We started one, if you recall, about a year ago. It was huge, this Occupy Wallstreet movement. Where is it now? They, the government and local law enforcement teams, have learned how to handle it and so have quieted the whole thing. I know because I’ve been documenting it here in my own town and have found records and reports all over the country about similar issues occurring with it. It has caused a new wave of apathy to wash over the youth, the middle-aged and everyone here in this country. Our movement failed, horribly. Sure there are still pockets trying, and I give them kudos for doing so, but overall it’s done and gone I think.

So what now?

I don’t know, but I’m honestly scared shitless right now. My apologies for the foul language, but it’s true and it’s probably one of the only ways I know how to express that sentiment adequately for what I’m feeling. I’m still trying in my own way to get people organized and get them to be more aware and willing to participate in their own government. Voting and protesting are the ways to go for this. I plan on doing both whenever I can. In the meantime, I’m screaming inside with frustration, fear and a sense of hopelessness tinted with hope. Contradictory? Perhaps, but it’s what I have right now.



So this week a person who is very near and dear to me was attacked in broad daylight for being white.

Yes I know. That makes me sound rather racist.

However, there was nothing taken from this person, so it’s not a robbery. Also the attacker screamed some very obscene and racists comments including the term “Whitey” while attacking.

Though the person who was attacked is fine, relatively speaking, and the attacker arrested, I sincerely feel the need to discuss this with someone who isn’t involved. I’m sorry, this means you fellow bloggers.

After all, I thought we were too old for bullying. Basically that’s what this is, in an extreme fashion. On person picking on a perceived weaker person to establish their own perceived superiority. Weren’t we all taught as kids that bullying is bad, and starting a fight is bad, and hurting a person is bad and all that? I was. Where was this guy during that lesson? I don’t know. Really, I don’t.

And how does this racist thing work anyway? I mean, as far as I’m concerned, you could be passion-pink with purple polka-dots and I wouldn’t care. If you’re a good person, then you’re a good person. If you’re not, then you’re not. Your skin color has nothing really to do with it. Your choices on the other hand do.

This dear person who was attacked, I would like to point out, is in truth one of the most accepting, kind-hearted, hard-working individuals I have had the honor to know. If the attacker (who, by the way, is much larger than my friend by a great deal) had simply known this individual he was attacking he probably would have been very remorseful about the whole incident.

So several questions come to mind in this:

Why would anyone commit random acts of violence on someone they’ve never met?

What was there to be gained by this person for acting in this manner?

Do they feel remorse for this?

How can we keep things like this from happening again?

My first reaction was to be angry- honestly I’m sure that would have been most people’s reaction. A part of me still is angry, though no longer at the individual but rather at the concept of random violence and hatred being acted upon in this fashion, or any for that matter. My concern now is for the person who did the attack (not saying I’m not still concerned for my friend mind you). I’m worried that there is something deeply unbalanced here that may be missed based on the punishments doled out for the crime committed. This could be something that needs to be healed. How is that healing going to occur for this soul that is so obviously filled with hate? What hurt him in such a way that this is the response?

So many questions…

I don’t even know what the guy looks like… or his name…

I just hope that these things can be healed, that they don’t happen again and that my friend stays being all right.

Something Worthwhile


The above link goes to a quick film where some very supportive guys project a message to the Occupy Movement members as they’re marching. It’s an amazing video with a great message.

I have a question about this though:

Where did this go? Where did the movement go?

I know it’s still there. It has to be. What I want to know is why isn’t it bigger? Why isn’t it still on the news? Do people think it’s just not important. Did the “1%” win in the idea of defacing this movement so much that people aren’t paying attention? What happened?

I know here in town there was a movement, but it has degraded to only working every once in a while. There is no occupy, not really. There is a sad, tiny camp in an equally sad and tiny park located in an area where it’s making a sad and tiny difference. I have been there, spoken to the inhabitants and what I learned angered me.

I don’t live in a small town. I live in one of, if not the largest city in Wisconsin. It’s no Chicago, I know that. However, this place is big enough with enough people in it that this whole movement should have been bigger here. It’s larger in smaller towns than it is here across the nation.

I also don’t understand why people simply shut down the idea of protests. I read a few comments in response to this video that specifically told folks to stop protesting. Seriously? Should we not protest to having our freedoms taken away, our education system ruined, our healthcare ruined, and the corruption in the government existing as it does? Should we just bend over and take it up the *** every time the richest 1% say to? Should we respond with “How high?” when they say “Jump!”? I don’t think so!

I know I write a lot about politics and I’m sure at some point it must annoy those who read it. Maybe at some point they think “Why can’t this lady get a life and a new subject?” Well, I’ll tell you why. I won’t get a new subject until things change enough that I don’t have to write about this anymore in order to release any semblance of the pent up frustration I have over this country’s direction. And to those who will comment along the lines of  “if you hate your country so much, leave”: I don’t hate this country. In fact, I love it. That’s why I’m so frustrated and so angry. I know we can be better, should be better.

You know it’s bad when one of the better moderates in the Senate decides she’s not going to run again. It wasn’t because she couldn’t win; she could have. It was because she didn’t feel like she could make a difference in a gridlocked congress like what we have. As sad as it is, I don’t blame her in a way. I do wish she could stay to be one of the voices of relative reason within the Senate as that’s so obviously needed. Look up Olympia Snowe of Maine. You’ll see what I mean.

With all the changes taking place, shouldn’t we the people make sure our voices are heard? Obviously there are some in office that don’t want to listen. I realize that. The whole fiasco about contraception and the hearing on it with only men and no women comes to mind as being one of the most blatant examples of this. If writing in, signing petitions, and calling don’t help, then what will? I have been doing these things for years. The best return I’ve gotten have all been form letters that don’t even address whatever issue I was writing about to begin with or a response from the people with the petition asking for money. No, these things haven’t really been helping- at least no where near what I would like to have happen.

So what’s the next step? Where do we go from here?

If you know, I mean 100% know, then you’re doing better than all of us.

Political discussions


Warning: I may have a few of these… or more… And you may not like them.

Warning #2: I may not care if you don’t like them. Of course, I mean that in the most kind, loving, and uplifting way possible.

Today I was talking to one of my classmates and we were discussing politics. She didn’t really identify herself as any particular party and expressed her disdain for the concept of party based politics. I didn’t disagree with any of the above, or really most of what we discussed. It did however cause me to think about what’s going on and how we, as a country, might be able to change it.

Take the idea of party politics. What would happen if we took the parties out of it? What if you had to have representatives that spoke for themselves instead of following basic party guidelines? Would that make it better, or would it make it easier for someone to lie to the public about what they’re going after and what they’re intentions are? I’m not sure which is the correct answer to be honest. I do know that the current standpoint of how politics works isn’t really working at all.

How to get the money out of politics? That’s the next issue we talked about. There seems to be an over-abundance of people who go into politics for the money, not really to change the country in beneficial ways. This worries me. The idea of public service, which any elected office is supposed to be, is based around the concept of serving the public. You would think such a thing would be self explanatory. However, it seems that the public service part of politics has left the building completely, perhaps never to return. I don’t have an answer to how to fix this, but I do have a few ideas. My favorite of these is to pay them the same as the average teacher, or a fixed rate that is under a certain amount. They can’t vote to raise their own pay. Only the public can vote to raise a politician’s pay and it’s based on how effective they are at their job. Perhaps if there wasn’t so much money to be gained from it these people who go for this kind of work would actually go because they want to help people, not because they’re greedy. One could hope.

Another thing: What is with these candidates that want to control women’s bodies and our choices about them? Are we trying to go back to the 1940’s or something here? Didn’t we work as a whole to get rid of the idea that a woman can’t decide for herself what is right for her own body and her life? I can’t begin to describe the seething anger I get every time I hear some dim-witted politician try to take away things like contraceptives or abortion. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that some people’s beliefs say that they can’t use these things. That’s fine. Believe what you will and act upon that accordingly, but only do so for your own life. You, and I, don’t have any control over anyone else. If someone wants to get an abortion, at least make it legal so that it’s safe for her to do so. If someone needs/wants to have contraceptives, that’s fine. In fact, the more you promote the contraceptives, the less you will have to fight the idea of an abortion because the less likely it is that it will be “needed”. Also, what’s this thing of trying to teach children again only abstinence instead of the whole story? Are you kidding me? That’s not going to stop them, they’re teens. They have urges and they WILL take care of them, whether you like it or not. It would be better to tell them that abstinence is best, but also to educate them on all the options available. That way you’re less likely to get any surprises from them. It’s logic people. You can’t turn back time to the “wholesome” ages of the past. All you can do is move forward and try to make it better, make it stronger, more intelligent, and by all means make it more compassionate. I mean, seriously, the lack of compassion I’m seeing by corporations, and people in general is really getting to me sometimes. I keep reading things where some poor sap has to try to refinance his mortgage and the bank gives this poor sap the run around until they can finally “legally” foreclose on his home and kick him and his family out. Never mind the fact that they paid faithfully and on time for like 10 years or so. Never mind the fact that he tried to go through your own red tape to get the process that he QUALIFIED for in order to lower the payments into something he could afford at the time. Never mind the fact that maybe now he has a job that pays enough that he could even pay the full payments that was due anyway and catch up. No, you greedy ass banks have to take his him, his life, his security and investment from him. There’s no heart, no feeling, nothing but trying to do “business”. If this is business, count me out.

Ok, so that was a bit of a run-on paragraph, but yeah. There are rants. They occur. And trust me when I say there are more. It just so happens that I have to go to class and can’t write more at the moment. So… Until next time folks that read my stuff, have a great day and please remember to be kind to someone today. I guarantee you that there is someone out there that needs it that’s not so far from you as you might think they are.



~Awakened Aquarius~

What the hell?


I don’t understand emotions.

I don’t understand humans really.

And I don’t understand greed.

Why is it I feel so bloody helpless in a world that needs help? What is there that I can do that might actually accomplish something worth while?

And why the hell am I so bloody lonely all the time?

Where did all my friends go? Am I so horrible a person that no one wants to talk to me? Do I pay attention to real issues enough that people don’t want to listen anymore? What the hell?

I try to learn from what I read. I try to figure out what’s going on. I try to share this and see what other people think about the same issues. However, I have found that mostly people don’t want to listen, don’t want to discuss what’s going on, don’t want to learn, don’t want to change the world, the country, the city they live in. They might want to complain, but no actions are done, nothing, to change what’s wrong. They might want to have companionship, but not mine. Never mine. They think me awkward. Yes, I am. I’m sorry. I’ve always been awkward. I can’t help it. It’s what and part of who I am. And yes, I have tried to change it. By trying I simply became even more awkward. So I just relax and figure if someone thinks me worthy they’ll come, they’ll talk, and they’ll listen. So far, not many are willing to do that. Most laugh and then walk away quickly like I’m some lunatic. I’m not. I’m just aware, that’s all. I see what the people in power are doing, I see how the system is failing all of us and I’m angry. I’m very, very angry. They should be too though. They’re not. I don’t understand why. Why shouldn’t we be angry that the people in power are staying in power not because we want them there, but because they lie, cheat and steal to stay there? Why shouldn’t we be angry that these same people who took solemn oaths to uphold the law do things like tax evasion and then don’t even get a slap on the wrist? Why shouldn’t we be angry that the USA is the only country where a CEO makes more than 25 times the average amount of the employees in their company? Why shouldn’t we be angry that the people in charge of our liberties are trying to take them away, trying to keep us and future generations from getting a good education, good healthcare, work benefits like retirement money, vacation, equal opportunities for advancement? We should be pissed off like no other! Yet somehow, someway they’ve managed to keep a large part of the population complacent. They give us empty promises by using false or misleading statistics saying that the economy is getting better, that there are jobs, that getting a good education means you can get one of these jobs and have enough income to raise a family and pay off any student loans. They lie. Even if I do get the career I want out of college I know I won’t be able to do both. I know this. I also know that I’m going into an age where I don’t want to give birth for fear of damaging my body. I can’t wait too long you know, there does come a point when it’s dangerous. I also know that I’m not the only one in my position either. Where is the revolution that should be? Occupy? Bah… I know they’re trying, but they’re failing too. Even when I research what’s going on with them through alternate means other than your basic news I don’t find much. Also, where are they here? It’s a tiny camp, in a tiny park in a tiny ghetto-like neighborhood that doesn’t do anything meaningful. It does mean something to occupy a space, but only if you occupy the RIGHT space. They’re not in the right space, they’re in the easy space. What is right isn’t always easy and what is easy isn’t always right.

You’re probably asking then why don’t I go out and do the protests myself? I know… that’s part of what makes me angry too. I’m angry at myself for not being courageous enough to risk it all for my fellow-man. Instead I’m looking to home with my husband, wondering what effect my actions would have on him. What if I get arrested? How will we afford bail? I can’t rely on anyone else to pay my bail after all. The main organization that runs Occupy doesn’t support us here for some reason. They should, but they don’t, which means that they won’t pay if any of us get arrested. So we have to be especially careful. The people at the almost-insignificant camp here don’t have the money so I can’t rely on them either. I have to rely on myself, and I don’t have the money personally and I know it. What would happen if I got injured too? Yes, I have health insurance through my college, but would it cover that? I don’t know. And I know there is a copay, which I also can’t afford. So I have to be careful there as well. I know, that makes me a hypocrite for not going out and being active in whatever. I’m sorry. I really am. I want to be, and god willing I will be when I can. Maybe this is how we’re all chained… we have been taught to think about those around us first before we can think about all those in the country as a whole. It’s no longer about our society anymore but about our individual families. But don’t those families suffer by our inaction too? Where does this all fit in? How can we start a real revolution, something that can’t be ignored, something that even the media who wants us to be silent and non-existant can’t get rid of? It needs to be bigger than OWS, bigger than the Anonymous attacks on the sites when SOPA and PIPA were a threat (not that it’s gone away completely, but at least it’s not going to be passed tomorrow). It needs to be universal in its message, strong in its organization and brotherhood, and it needs to be now. We, myself included in this, need to get off our collective asses and get going with this before it’s too late. We need to do this before it becomes completely illegal to even protest peacefully here and people get killed for speaking up. We should never allow it to get this far and if by writing this they come for me, then so be it. I have to start somewhere. (Though honestly I doubt they’ll come, I’m not significant enough to be a threat really.)

Just remember…

When they came for the Jews I did not stand up for I am not a Jew…

When they came for the Catholics I did not stand up for I am not a Catholic….

When they came for me, there was no one left.