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Shaking My Head


I guess I had been gone too long for people to read my last post. That’s ok, I don’t mind. Even if no one reads these at least I can get out what I’m thinking and feeling in some way.

Vice presidential debates aren’t usually something that gets a lot of attention. Normally they don’t even affect polls or anything like that substantially. Yet this one caused a stir it seems and has had about as mixed feedback as you can get.

In my humble opinion Biden won. I don’t say this because of interruptions, or anything like that. I say it because I listened to what the candidates were saying. Everything that Ryan had out there Biden was able to correct and get on with the debate. However, though this is in some ways a victory for the Democrats, it’s not without its own losses.

First off, you have the entire right wing screaming at Biden’s behavior. They are unnerved by him laughing at subjects or his hand gestures. They are angry about how he kept interrupting Ryan. I’d like to point out to them that Romney did the same exact thing to Obama last week, but was seen as being a hero for it. Also, I’d like to point out that Biden wasn’t laughing about the issues- he was actually laughing at Ryan. I’m not surprised in the least and I don’t condone unprofessional behavior like that. I think he could have been a little more reserved and had a better impact on the audience for being so. We just need to keep in mind, this is Biden after all and he’s known to be like that.

Fact check: I’m concerned that the fact checking on both sides were equally riddled with lies from both candidates. I mean this sincerely. Even though I’m against the whole Republican platform I’m able to see the fact that both of them last night twisted numbers and statistics at the very least with both of them outright lying about certain issues. To me that really causes the whole thing to be more of a game than anything serious. If it was serious then real facts that would be accurate would be brought to the table. I’m big on the truth and neither of these guys really stood up for the truth in a way that I would have appreciated.

Responses: For some reason the responses I’ve seen from the public are less apathetic towards these two than they were towards the Presidential debate last week. I have no idea why other than it was infinitely more entertaining in a way to watch these guys go at it. The problem here is that this isn’t entertainment, this is supposed to be a tool to use in order to better choose the right candidates for the job at hand. We’ll see how this whole thing gets reflected in the polls probably more early next week.

Overall, I’m still sadened by the lack of clear direction for the Left, the information twisting of both sides and the mud-slinging of all involved before and after such a debate. The only thing I can really say that’s positive was that even the moderator tried to get actual details from Ryan about his plan for the country and was unable to. Though that was a big thing, it’s going to be hidden most likely in the media’s reporting of the debate by Biden’s attitude.


Are you *******ing kidding me?????


I know I’ve been gone for a bit, for that I apologize. Life has been busy- school and other things you know.

So tonight was the first presidential debate in the United States. To say I was disappointed and frustrated with it would be a rather large understatement on my part.

At first glance, Romney won hands down. This bothers me for many reasons. Of course, the first one is that I really can’t stand the guy. Everything he’s done up to this point has been steadfastly against everything I stand for pretty much. He has blatantly stated he’s against all the major social issues I find important- women’s health choices, women’s equality in pretty much any way possible, gay marriage, social safety nets, etc. He’s also been very much on the opposite side of the spectrum of my beliefs in what needs to be done to help this country get back on its feet without us becoming anything like Greece or Spain. I have found his flip-flopping on issues to be annoying at best, and just plain sad. The odd thing was that tonight, on national stage he has flipped on all the major issues again or at the very least has twisted his original positions to resemble something closer to Obama’s platform. The whole while that Romney is doing this Obama is just sitting there looking defensive and quite uncomfortable with the debate in general. (And don’t even get me started on how both of them were exceptionally rude, Romney especially, to the moderator. I mean, really, aren’t we supposed to be professional here?)

Now the reason I have a problem with this is because of the idea that I know that this country sometimes has a really short memory as a whole. In case someone reading this isn’t aware of this phenomenon, I’m referring to the idea that somehow the public at large tends to forget recent history as we move along in time and in the process of going about things. Because of this issue, I’m concerned that the public won’t realize and won’t fact check the idea that Romney is going against what he’s been campaigning as his platform for at least the past few months if not longer. They won’t remember that half of what he’s saying has already been fact checked as being inaccurate anyway when he’s throwing around numbers against Obama’s administration. They’re going to think that Romeny did a good job. Maybe they’ll even think that he’s a better candidate.

The other problem here I’m having was Obama’s response. I can’t leave him blameless for this loss. He just stood there, shaking his head during most of it. Even when I closed my eyes to listen instead of watching (something that helps to see who is really winning in the debate based on what their saying not what you’re seeing) I found that Obama just repeated the same few things as if he had been caught off guard whereas Romney sadly had a series of varied answers ready at his disposal. Obama was just awkward, defensive, and quite frankly weak. This isn’t the same Obama as an orator that I remember supporting. This sort of perception is going to be remembered. After all, as Americans, we tend to remember the negative better than we remember the positive.

The other thing that bothers me is the people who haven’t watched and won’t watch the debate at all. What they’re going to see is a ton of headlines in the morning declaring Romney as the winner. What effect this will have on the polls and public opinion I’m not sure, but I’m fairly certain it’s not going to be good for Obama. The thing is that these people who rely on these headlines won’t even look up what was really said and how during the debate. They won’t know that Romney flipped on most of his issues, that Obama looked just plain annoyed with the whole thing or that the poor moderator was walked all over by both parties involved as if he wasn’t there half the time. What’s more important is that they won’t have any idea at how many lies were thrown around by either candidate and they won’t be interested in checking anywhere for that information either.

Now one thing I would like to mention is this: I wouldn’t be up after midnight writing this if the content of the debate was the only thing bothering me right now. No, there are other issues at hand concerning this that caught my attention tonight.

See, I like debate, I like paying attention to what goes on in this country and then discussing it with other people to see how they think, how they feel, and how they see things. It helps to get a better grip on what’s going on. What I got tonight though from people wasn’t good at all. It’s not that I found tons of people supporting Romney after all this, though that would have been bad it’s not as bad as what I found.


Yes, I found lots, and LOTS of apathy. It’s a disease of the public, this lack of caring. It causes people to just shrug and say “well, it doesn’t matter” or “My vote won’t change anything.”

This is the most frightening thing of all because it means that people aren’t paying attention. They don’t realize that this presidential election is going to be responsible for a good number of supreme court justices being appointed. It’s going to decide where our country moves to in the next 4 years and how. It’s going to decide the future for us, our children and even possibly our children’s children.

Right now our country, our world, stands on the brink of something large. It’s bigger than any one of us and it’s going to affect ALL of us. Climate change is upon us, economic shifting is happening, in some countries we’re one step away from violent wars, in others that’s already happening. In Europe and in the Arab Nations there is revolution happening at an alarming rate. People there want change now- they’re seeing the need for it and they’re reaching out for it in unison against their governments and against the status quo. Where is that movement here? We started one, if you recall, about a year ago. It was huge, this Occupy Wallstreet movement. Where is it now? They, the government and local law enforcement teams, have learned how to handle it and so have quieted the whole thing. I know because I’ve been documenting it here in my own town and have found records and reports all over the country about similar issues occurring with it. It has caused a new wave of apathy to wash over the youth, the middle-aged and everyone here in this country. Our movement failed, horribly. Sure there are still pockets trying, and I give them kudos for doing so, but overall it’s done and gone I think.

So what now?

I don’t know, but I’m honestly scared shitless right now. My apologies for the foul language, but it’s true and it’s probably one of the only ways I know how to express that sentiment adequately for what I’m feeling. I’m still trying in my own way to get people organized and get them to be more aware and willing to participate in their own government. Voting and protesting are the ways to go for this. I plan on doing both whenever I can. In the meantime, I’m screaming inside with frustration, fear and a sense of hopelessness tinted with hope. Contradictory? Perhaps, but it’s what I have right now.



On a personal note for this one… 

Have you ever wondered if you have real friends?

I often do. 

Some people I’m friends with seem to only hang out with me because I have something to offer them. A ride, food, or tutoring at school. They don’t call just to say hi, they don’t come over ever unless I have something they want. 

The others that I would like to call friend seem to stay at a distance from me. I don’t know why really. Maybe it’s that I have an overbearing demeanor that is outspoken to a fault, or maybe it’s because I’m older by quite a bit than most of them and so put them off that way by being the perceived “adult” amongst them. 

Odd, but sometimes I feel closer to the people I talk to online than the ones I talk to in person on a daily basis. Even still, there seems to be something missing from these interactions that causes me concern. 

If I examine the emotions that go with this too closely I probably won’t like what I see. Nor will I enjoy it if I look too closely at what the answer really is of why people stay so far away from me all the time. 

Now I’m not the kind of person to go all emo on everyone all the time. In fact, normally I’m a fun-loving, laughing, light up the room kind of individual. Even the vast majority of posts I put up everywhere are based on either this or something I feel passionately about. 

I’ve tried to talk to a few friends of mine about this. The few that I have just tell me to cheer up and leave it at that. They don’t really want to dig into it either. What does that say about it/me? Tried that recently actually and was basically dismissed in this manner. I wanted to delve into the Steffy, as I put it, and they just wanted to go off somewhere else. So I let it drop and haven’t brought it up with them again. For that matter, one of the “closer” ones in particular said something along the lines of my emotions aren’t logical. Um…. Yeah… they’re emotions… I don’t think logic would have anything to do with emotions. Just saying. 

So why write here about it? 

Well, my husband doesn’t read these posts. I don’t think he even knows I have this little blog thing going to be honest- even though I have told him about it. My physically existent friends don’t read this either-for that matter only one of them even knows about it. And since no one else has listened I figured I could write about it at the very least. Also with no one physically near me being able or willing to read this I’m safe from their judgement as being too emotional, emo, blah blah. But the self-doubts need to be expressed in as much as to allow me to release the feelings if nothing else. It’s these things that seem to be holding me back in my work. I try to draw and as I listen to my classmates I feel left out. I can’t just jump in all the time. It seems awkward to do so when they’re across the room from me. The few times I’ve tried it has been as awkward as I think it would be and so I sit and listen and wish that someone would talk to me and accept me in all my quirky glory. It’s like high school all over again for crying out loud. I’m not teased, but I’m not accepted either. 

And overall I’m just not the hermit that sometimes I pretend to be in order to make people think I’m all right. 

So, sorry for the emotional mess. You don’t have to read this either if you don’t want to. I understand. It’s not a world-shaking important post about politics or anything that would affect other people. It’s just something I had to write for a minute. 

Back to your regularly scheduled joyful lives. 



I know you just didn’t!….


I’m including here a link to the article that scared me into writing today…

There it is. Read it please before reading this, and make sure you read some of the comments too.

I’m not really sure where to start on this honestly…

Here’s the issue:

This guy in the public eye called Rick Santorum apparently doesn’t like the concept of not pushing one’s own religion down the throats of millions of people. Being the leader doesn’t mean telling others what to believe, Santorum. It means letting them be themselves and making sure they all have the resources they need in order to make this country a better place. It means making difficult choices in difficult times and ensuring that freedoms are preserved for all. It means understanding that your religious beliefs don’t have a place in politics, regardless of what specific verbiage is used in the Constitution.

After all, you can’t say you disapprove of a president from years gone by simply because as a Catholic he wasn’t willing to force his views onto all the Baptists and other religiously affiliated folks in the country. That, Santorum, is against our Constitution as it would keep us from practicing freely our forms of faith.

This man scares me and I hope to whatever higher power that might exist that he and his ilk don’t get elected into any major place of power. The number of people like him in higher positions already is a frightening thing to think about. I wonder what kinds of impositions and crusades someone like Santorum will put out there against the American people.

Some of the comments I read included statements like “Well he’s going to try to put us back to about 50+ years ago” with the response to this being “What’s so bad about that?” Really citizens? Really? Do you really want to go back to a time where women were forced to be whatever their husbands wanted regardless of their own wishes? Do you want to go back to a time where people of different races, creed and colors weren’t treated even close to equal to those of Caucasian decent? Do you really want to go back to a time where the violence that is experienced on a daily basis is just behind closed doors and people don’t respond or try to help? Personally, I would rather die than live life like that.

The thing most people just don’t seem to understand is that we can’t move backwards. You can view history of any era with a sense of nostalgia but that doesn’t always match the reality of it. The reality is that things were not all peachy keen back then. The difference is that now we see the ugliness of our society and can do something about it. Thus we move forward. You want the “good old times” back? Make it that way by fixing the problem instead of sweeping it under the rug.

Just a thought…

Oh No!


I’ve been tagged!


1. You must post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

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and MY questions are:

  1. What would you do if I sang out of tune?  Laugh and probably sing along
  2. Coffee or Tea? depends on the day and time of day and flavor of each
  3. Soccer or Rugby? Soccer, definitely. 
  4. Liberal, Conservative or Nunya Beeswax?  If you haven’t been able to tell by now, you’re not reading lol. Definitely a bit on the Liberal side
  5. Love or hate Stanley Kubrick? Who?
  6. What is your favorite era, where and why?  Depends on how you define an era. I am particularly fond of ancient history of the Celtic Isles, Japanese Islands and the 1800’s in Europe. For the ancient history… well… For the Celtic Isles part it’s because of the Druidic thing I think and the idea of living with one’s clan. For the Japanese islands it would be to have the chance of living with nature in the mountains with the sea being close by still. As for the 1800’s Europe, I would have loved to see how they went about their scientific discoveries and also would have loved to take part in the World Fairs of the time.
  7. If stranded on a desert island who would you most like to be with? My husband, duh.
  8. If you have children do you sometimes hate them a little? (Yes , I loves my chilluns but…)? I don’t have kidlets 
  9. What is your favorite novel and why? Wait, I have to pick one? I… I can’t really… 
  10. Sonny or Cher? Cher… 
  11. What is your preferred method of de-stressing? that depends on the day, though it normally involves music of some kind. Can also include meditation, martial arts, walking, or playing games on the computer.

So I hope you learned something… I don’t know who to pass this on to as I don’t really have a lot of people I know on here yet… I am still including a list of questions so that anyone who stumbles upon this can still read it and respond however the feel like… Enjoy folks!

Wait, what year is this?


Here we go again. Read something that really ticked me off…

and scared me.

     So I read today an article that was talking about Wisconsin having repealed their Equal Pay Act. This was originally passed in 2009 to help women who had the same qualification, same job, etc. to be able to get the equal pay they deserve as any male in the same position. It was designed as an enforcement law to make it more cost effective for companies to make sure the pay was equal rather than go through the courts in law suits.

They took it away.

     By they, I mean the GOP members that are running this bloody state right now. And by running, I mean running it into the ground. See, Wisconsin started before this measure had been passed as #36 in a list of states where the pay was equal between men and women (we’re talking the median pay anyway so keep that in mind). Since 2009 we had jumped to the #24th spot. That’s a great jump in the right direction- 12 places in less than 3 full years. That’s amazing. So now they’re removing this and setting up so it’s just like it used to be before 2009. It’s now going to be more cost effective to let the woman sue the company for her equal pay rather than to actually give it to her to begin with. A few things to think about: How many women actually sue for such things? How much money would be lost per number of women who get the fair pay versus how much is lost on the law suits. With the bill, it was better to just give the pay to the women fair and straight rather than fight it out in court. Without it, well, that’s not exactly the case.

When I read this, I cannot even begin to explain how far my jaw dropped, how much I was completely incensed at the whole thing. I cannot count how many times I repeated the same phrase that is unbecoming of a lady to say while staring in shock and dismay at my computer screen. What the-? I couldn’t have read this right, there’s no way. So I re-read it. No, I read it right, sadly enough.

Why? Why would they do this? The only thing that could even remotely be a reasoning behind it is that there weren’t any lawsuits filed in this time since that bill had been passed in 2009. Why? Because it was a preventative measure! It was a deterrent to make sure these companies would follow the law. Without that, what’s going to happen? Will single moms have to deal with making even less now than they were before, and thus have less to work with when it comes to schooling, clothing and feeding their children? Will some women even get their pays cut in these hard economic times because of this issue? I can only imagine.

Currently I’m not a part of the workforce here in Wisconsin. That’s only because I have to focus all my attention on getting my degree right now, and even then I would be willing should we have need of it. We are lucky here to not need it yet. I know that. But if we did, would I find myself having to settle for less because some chauvinistic pig decided that equal pay for women wasn’t that important and that we were some how second-class citizens when compared to the men of this country/state?

I also have to wonder if this will have any implications in other states once they see what Wisconsin was able to do here? The union thing made ripples; what kind of ripples will this make?

In these times, taking away the pay from the working class citizen, men and women alike, is the wrong choice. If you want to have a consumer-driven economy like ours to prosper, or at least be stable, then you need to make sure there are consumers with discretionary funds available to consume things other than necessities. It’s just how this economy is slated to function. As any economist who knows their business and they will tell you the same thing. If you cut out the middle class and leave just a rich and a poor class instead you will have economic and social meltdown. Think of it- these people are mostly used to being able to do for themselves. What happens when they can’t? What will happen when they have nothing left to lose? Want an example? I can give you a few… Look up the Icelandic revolution that occurred relatively recently. Look at Greece. Both of those economies, Iceland especially, resembled ours. They ended poorly for all. It is not in the big businesses’ best interest to cut out the middle class. That’s cutting their own lifelines. They are too big to fail, many of them, but only in the sense that if they do things will go belly up in very short order. It’s not that they are not capable of failing at all. They need to realize this. We’re all in this together folks, really we are. If you can’t see that in order to figure out what the right thing is to do, then we need these kinds of laws in place in order to force you to do them. Either way, the right thing needs to be done in order to allow us the chance as a society to get out of this hole we’ve dug for ourselves and finally thrive in the way that we should have been able to do to begin with.

That’s the economic point of view. For the social: Hi, this is the year 2012. We women have fought for our rights. We earned them in blood and tears. Read our history, weep for the ones who suffered. Now look around you and see what’s trying to be done by some of the politicians out there. Taking away our health care choices by taking them out of our hands, forcing us to try to succumb to someone else’s religious philosophies about our bodies, and now taking away some of the things that helped to keep our rights to equal pay in the workforce. These things are the signs of our times going backwards. Do we really want to repeat the 1940’s or 1950’s? I certainly don’t.

As women, we’re not asking to be treated as though we’re above anyone else. We’re not asking to be the princesses of our country. We just want to make sure that our equalities, our rights that we do have are not taken away, and those we don’t quite have yet are given to us. Just treat us the same. Make sure we are equal in all eyes.

And remember ladies- if this cycle continues, what equality or right will they try to take away next?

Beautiful Places



Ok, so today I thought I’d try something a little different. Instead of focusing on what has been getting my blood boiling I’m going to try some artistic stuff instead. So, here we go…

Since I live in a place where most of the year it’s bloody cold and usually fairly snowy, imagine my surprise this winter when it has so far turned out relatively warm with very little snow. In the process I’ve been out and about more often than usual, taking pictures of things I’ve seen. Here are my favorite few:



The fog was thick on the ground that day and was in constant motion. I thought the angle here was great to see it moving over the wall.


One winter evening, rather warm for the season, these are the colors that splash across water and sky.



So here are a couple of pictures. I’m still getting used to putting pictures and other media here. I am actually wondering if I can put my animation directly into a post here, too. If I figure it out I will let you folks know so you can see what I do. In the meantime, think of a cold evening by the lake. Truly a beautiful sight.