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Climate: The political kind


I haven’t written in quite some time. I think technically I haven’t written here in years. You might be wondering, for those few that read this, what changed? The answer? Everything.

So today we’re going to talk about the current political climate and what’s going on. I feel the need to do this because everything I’m seeing right now points to the fact that as a country, really as a world community, we’re facing a pivotal point in our history. We have the choice right now between the current establishment and actual change. The thing is, most people are going to translate that as Hillary versus Bernie or something along those lines. However, I’m looking at the big picture beyond just two candidates, or two parties, or even beyond the United States.

The most obvious example of this in our own country is the current bid for President. On the republican side you have one insane narcissist, one evangelical, and an almost moderate republican that represents your standard conservative. On the other side you have a bought and paid for neo-liberalist versus a grassroots progressive.  So this is what the public sees. This is the common information. However, the actual issues behind what we’re looking at run much deeper.

Now most of us look at the Republican side of things and rather dismiss the whole thing because seriously who is going to vote Trump as president? Also, most of the issues on that side are so blatantly obvious that I’m not even going to really spend much time there. It’s the Democratic side that seems to be really showing us the actual stage that has been set through decades of bad policies and public apathy.

Hillary Clinton’s history has shown her to be friends with the corporate CEOs and lobbyists ranging from her work as a Goldwater Girl, the only woman member of the board at Walmart when she was there, her support of her husband’s policies when he was in office including NAFTA and the repeal of Glass Steagall, to her more recent support of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). This relationship to the corporations, CEOs, and banks is a huge deal because it really does define her actions and explains much of what’s going on if you look at it. The trick about politics, no matter what side you’re on, is to follow the money. When a bank is willing to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone it’s never for charitable reasons, even if it is to a charity. It’s really an investment. The idea is to put money into something where they can get something out of it. Charitable donations give good PR, giving money to politicians on the other hand give them something even more valuable- policies written and enacted in their favor. So keep this in mind as we delve into the complex subject of American Politics.

Keeping in mind that Clinton has received insane amounts of money from corporate special interests over the decades, it’s no wonder that she has been portraying herself as a pragmatist instead of a progressive, choosing small incremental changes over actual sweeping ones. This is because the changes the people want, the corporations don’t want. Need examples? No problem! Let’s start with true universal, single payer healthcare. For us to have this a few things need to happen. One of these things is that insurance companies will have to find another way to make a living because health insurance would become a thing of the past. This is why Republicans gutted the Affordable Healthcare Act so badly. They’re all bought by the insurance companies, big pharma, etc. These companies, these special interests can’t survive without our entire healthcare system being based on treating symptoms instead of illness, relying heavily on the insurance system to provide healthcare coverage, and the ever persistent push of pharmaceuticals to every human possible. So they give money to the politicians and their campaigns, expecting in return to be protected from the concept of single payer. This is just one example of how money in politics directly affects the policies. Frequently the lobbyists who are campaigning on behalf of these special interests write the bills themselves.

And now we’re seeing in the current primaries several instances in various states of voter fraud, media blackout, and other shady practices that are trying to influence the election directly, overtly, and blatantly. It’s so obvious to many of us that it’s become frustrating to watch others just step into line with the DNC, the establishment. I say “No more.” I say we need to change this in order to make our country, our world better. However, we have to be willing to work for it, to fight for it, to be arrested, maced, possibly even beaten if they get violent. It’s time for us to stand up for our right to be heard, our right to be served by the very government that is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and most of all FOR the people.