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Great… Just great…


So I try really hard not to write about personal stuffs on here. I don’t like putting my personal life out there. However, I don’t have anyone to talk to and the one person I would talk to I would rather just not add to his stress level right now. So here it goes. And my apologies ahead of time.

A little history on the issue: I’m currently in college. As a 31-year old woman I should have had this all done and over with years ago but back then I was young and quite stupid about life. I didn’t know what I would be good at, and honestly didn’t think any so-called talent of mine was worth the investment of money and time that college entails. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I met a very kind, gentle, loving young man who was completely fascinated by my artwork. Turns out he’s the man of my dreams and became my husband. Before that happy bit happened though, he threw me (practically literally) into college. The idea was to go to school for art and do something with it.

So I’ve spent my time, money and energy creating art, learning art, eating, breathing and even dreaming art. After getting my associate’s degree, and really right before completing it, I decided that an associate’s wasn’t enough. It wouldn’t get me a job or anything that would make such an investment worthwhile. This is where I started thinking about what I could do instead. I ended up going for animation, transferring to a true art school (as opposed to the community college that I started at) and have been working on that since. I’m going to be a Senior next year, working on my thesis and finishing my B.F.A. However, there has been one major thing missing- internships. To truly end up successful in this kind of a field one needs to have internships on their resume. Without it, no company will take a recent graduate artist seriously when applying for a job. Since I have no experience with 3-D animation yet, or even digital animation of a 2-D nature I had to find a place that would work with traditional, hand-drawn projects. I found one and only one. The excitement built in my heart for over a semester at the idea of having everything fall into place…

Well, instead of falling into place, it has started falling apart. The internship that I need so desperately in order to compete more effectively in a job market being strangled by budget cuts wasn’t posted until the last week of classes this semester. As a summer internship it should have been posted before summer school registration was done. In fact, everyone at the school was trying to get this guy to do exactly that so the students could schedule their classes around it. Now I had to schedule summer classes without knowing what his hours would be- I really had no other choice. Since he finally posted his job offer, it has been announced that he requires the students to work 9-5 which will be hard for any of them to do while balancing summer courses. This is especially true since his studio is about 45 minutes away from where our school is, not to mention where any of us live. The other students probably have other options available and aren’t stressing about this so much. However, I don’t have that luxury. I can’t just drop the classes I have registered for- One is a class that has never been offered there and would bee far too useful and the other is a required course that I just don’t see being able to balance along with 5 other classes and thesis at the same time. (It’s a community service learning course that requires additional time outside of class working with different charities.) I can’t bring myself to even apply to this intern position because I simply can’t meet the scheduling requirement for the job. It would be a waste of my time and of the man who posted the position if I did, thus making me seem that much more unprofessional in the process.

I know this must sound like I’m whining and all, but it concerns me a great deal. My husband is now looking to me to be the successful one since his career as a music teacher was cut short thanks to budget cuts in schools. This whole thing just makes it that much more difficult to do this.

Also please understand it’s not like I haven’t tried for other places in the area. It’s just that the other places are all 3-D based and as such have turned me down. I’m simply at a loss…

So, if anyone knows of a place that is around the Milwaukee area that does animation and would be willing to have a part time, 2-D specialist as an intern, please let me know. I’m a fair hand at video and sound editing- just in case that helps.

Thanks for listening/reading. Sorry for whining.