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So this week a person who is very near and dear to me was attacked in broad daylight for being white.

Yes I know. That makes me sound rather racist.

However, there was nothing taken from this person, so it’s not a robbery. Also the attacker screamed some very obscene and racists comments including the term “Whitey” while attacking.

Though the person who was attacked is fine, relatively speaking, and the attacker arrested, I sincerely feel the need to discuss this with someone who isn’t involved. I’m sorry, this means you fellow bloggers.

After all, I thought we were too old for bullying. Basically that’s what this is, in an extreme fashion. On person picking on a perceived weaker person to establish their own perceived superiority. Weren’t we all taught as kids that bullying is bad, and starting a fight is bad, and hurting a person is bad and all that? I was. Where was this guy during that lesson? I don’t know. Really, I don’t.

And how does this racist thing work anyway? I mean, as far as I’m concerned, you could be passion-pink with purple polka-dots and I wouldn’t care. If you’re a good person, then you’re a good person. If you’re not, then you’re not. Your skin color has nothing really to do with it. Your choices on the other hand do.

This dear person who was attacked, I would like to point out, is in truth one of the most accepting, kind-hearted, hard-working individuals I have had the honor to know. If the attacker (who, by the way, is much larger than my friend by a great deal) had simply known this individual he was attacking he probably would have been very remorseful about the whole incident.

So several questions come to mind in this:

Why would anyone commit random acts of violence on someone they’ve never met?

What was there to be gained by this person for acting in this manner?

Do they feel remorse for this?

How can we keep things like this from happening again?

My first reaction was to be angry- honestly I’m sure that would have been most people’s reaction. A part of me still is angry, though no longer at the individual but rather at the concept of random violence and hatred being acted upon in this fashion, or any for that matter. My concern now is for the person who did the attack (not saying I’m not still concerned for my friend mind you). I’m worried that there is something deeply unbalanced here that may be missed based on the punishments doled out for the crime committed. This could be something that needs to be healed. How is that healing going to occur for this soul that is so obviously filled with hate? What hurt him in such a way that this is the response?

So many questions…

I don’t even know what the guy looks like… or his name…

I just hope that these things can be healed, that they don’t happen again and that my friend stays being all right.